The SAFire Grill – a great way to barbeque when camping

The SAFire Grill – a great way to barbeque when camping

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Do you like to barbeque (or grill, if you are in the U.S.)? We love it. Even though we now live in Scotland it’s part of our ingrained antipodean culture, which means it’s an essential part of camping for us!

For barbequing at home, we have a Weber ‘Smokey Joe’ which we love. We team it with the Weber chimney starter to get the coals hot enough to cook on super-fast. If like us, you have weather which isn’t always barbeque-friendly,  it’s good to know that when the weather does co-operate you can spring into action and get cooking quickly!

The Smokey Joe and chimney starter are both fairly compact. However, we soon realised that even with Jason’s superb Tetris-like car-packing skills, we just don’t have space in our car to bring them camping with us.

So we researched alternatives. Our goal was to find something light, portable and versatile. Something that we could take camping or on a picnic, and that we could pack and store easily. That’s when we discovered the SAFire Roaster.

What is the SAFire Roaster?

The SAFire Roaster is a portable high-quality stainless steel charcoal barbeque that can be used for grilling or barbequing, as well as roasting, baking, frying and smoking.

At a lightweight 3.5kg it is easy to carry, and you can purchase a handy carry bag to transport and store it in. It’s also very stable with a low centre of gravity, making almost impossible to knock over.  The SAFire can be placed on virtually any surface without burning it (no more scorch marks from disposable barbeques!) This makes it great for outdoor cooking just about anywhere.

SAFire Roaster barbeque and carry bag

An efficient, quick and easy way to barbeque

The SAFire only needs 350-400 grams of charcoal, or alternatively, you can use a circular cobb briquette.

It lights easily, is ready to use in under 5 minutes, and provides hours of cooking time.

Watch this video to see the SAFire in action:

Easy clean-up

One of the best features of the SAFire is that it’s dishwasher safe!

Yes, you probably won’t have access to a dishwasher when you’re camping, but the non-stick reversible aluminum cooking plate (with a griddle on one side and hotplate other) is super-easy to clean when camping.

When you get home you can put all the pieces of the SAFire in the dishwasher and it will sparkle like new, ready for your next outing.

You can even cook pizzas!

Pizza cooked on the SAFire Roaster barbeque

Friday night is pizza night for us, even when we are camping.

Using the roasting grid accessory, along with some aluminum foil, we’ve perfected pizzas with the SAFire Roaster. There’s nothing quite like eating freshly cooked pizza in the great outdoors!

(Just In case you’re wondering, you can find out here why we always take boxed wine camping instead of bottles)

Do you like the sound of the SAFire Roaster?  Find out more about them here. They are also available via Amazon.


Let us know, what’s your favourite way to cook outdoors?

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The SAFire Roaster and campfire

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