30 Days Wild – Day 25 – Looking Up & Looking Down

30 Days Wild – Day 25 – Looking Up & Looking Down

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Walking back from the shops today Finlay and I decided to count how many different types of birds we could spot. Making our way along a fairly busy road, we initially saw jackdaws and gulls (black headed, lesser black-backed and herring gulls). But looking up, my attention was caught by something else.

The dappled light falling through leaves, and the shapes and shadows cast by the branches of a beautiful tree. I had to stop to photograph it. As we continued our journey, I kept gazing up at the tall trees and admiring what I could see.

Four Trees Looking up

But while I was looking up, Finlay was looking down. He spotted a tiny ladybird in the grass, so small I could barely see it.


A reminder that small can be as wonderful as tall.

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