Get Organised with a Camping Binder and Folio

Get Organised with a Camping Binder and Folio

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If you’re anything like me, you’ll know that feeling organised is key to a stress-free camping trip.

When you’re planning a camping trip you’ll probably have lots of lists and notes and various bits and pieces of paperwork such as trail maps, location guides, identification charts etc. that you want to remember to take with you.

So how do you keep all your information organised when you are planning your trip, and then have easy access to it when you’re at your destination? With a camping binder and folio!

Camping Binder

Keep a stash of these camping printables in your binder so you can grab one as soon as you need it when you start preparing for your trip:

You can also use your binder to store any other paperwork. For example:

  • Trail maps
  • Identification books / charts
  • Recipies you’d like to try

I keep all my printables, maps and charts in a plain white ring binder. I’ve slipped a  Happy Camper Digital Art Print (from my Etsy store Love Camping Designs) into the clear sleeve on the front cover.

Camping binder

Camping Folio

Take a folio on your camping trip to keep all your paperwork in one place.

Once you’ve grabbed everything you need from your folder, add it to the camping folio, along with a pen and notepad. It’s always handy to have a pen and paper close by (for making notes of things to remember for next time or keeping score in a game).

You can use any kind of folio (conference folders would probably work well). I use a JAKAGO Portfolio:

Camping Folio


I love it because it’s water-resistant (we’re in Scotland – it rains a lot!). It has a sturdy zip, lots of pockets to keep all of your paperwork and other bits and pieces organised, and has room to fit a clipboard (handy for checking off lists!).

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Do you really need both?

If you have plenty of space when you’re camping, and you are happy to take all your paperwork with you, a binder on its own will work just as well. You can store all your maps, guides, and other bits and pieces in your binder, print out lists and printables as you need them to add to the binder then off you go.

However, I like to take only what I need for a particular trip in my folio and keep the rest at home in my binder. It’s less to take, less weight and fits nicely into my backpack. So using both a camping folder and a folio works great for me.

Do you have a system to keep all your camping paperwork organised? Let me know (I’m a bit of a paperwork nerd 🙂 )


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Get organised for camping with a camping folio and folder