30 Days Wild – Day 30 – Wild Reflections

30 Days Wild – Day 30 – Wild Reflections

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I’ve finished my 30 Days Wild journey on literally the other side of the world from where I started – in Queensland, Australia. I’m finding hard to string two words together corhently through a combination of exhaustion and jetlag, But I can’t help but smile when thinking back over the last month. 

This is my first year taking part in 30 Days Wild, and I’ve absolutely loved it. I’ve learned so much, not only about the wildlife I’ve encountered, but also about myself. 

I never thought slowing down and taking the time to observe the everyday wonders around me would make me feel so happy. I never thought photographing bumblebees would be my new favourite thing, or that learning about everything from clouds to sea shells to garden birds would be so much fun. 

While my son’s knowledge of the natural world will probably always outstrip mine it’s been wonderful sharing these experiences together, and also inspiring my husband to slow down and smell the roses.

I have a renewed love and appreciation for where I live. For the nearby parks, gardens, pathways, woods, creeks and seashore. All of which are abounding with wild wonders, and all of which I’m lucky enough to be able to explore by foot.

I also have a renewed desire to get out and explore the wider world – to see and experience so much more.