30 Days Wild – Day 22 – Wild Podcasts

30 Days Wild – Day 22 – Wild Podcasts

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In my post for Day 13 of 30 Days Wild, I mentioned how I love books. I’ve loved books for as long as I can remember, and always will. I have, however, discovered a new love over the last few years – podcasts.

I subscribe to a number of podcasts on a wide range of topics. I love how I can listen to them while running, doing chores, travelling, relaxing, or basically whenever I feel like it 🙂

Today  I wondered if there were any episodes in my subscribed list that covered wild, environmental, or nature-based topics. I was intrigued to find one in my Freakonomics feed titled “How Stupid is our Obsession with Lawns?” which looks at whether the costs of having lawns — financial, environmental and otherwise — are worth the benefits.


It was a fascinating and informative listen, as all the Freakonomics episodes tend to be, however it was USA-centric.  I wanted to listen to something more locally focused.  A quick search in the Podcast app for “wildlife” came up with a great selection. I settled on an episode of  BBC Radio 4’s Open Country podcast titled Urban Wildlife.

I loved the section on hedgehogs and learned all about Hedgehog Street, a campaign to help address the massive decline in hedgehog population. The last time I saw a hedgehog in our garden was at least 5 years ago – I’d love to be able to encourage them back. One of the tips given was to “do less gardening,” by leaving a  patch to grow wild. Doing this will help the rest of the garden too as “a hedgehog-friendly garden is a wildlife friendly garden!”

We’ve got hedges, gaps in our fences, and would love to do a little bit less gardening.  Hopefully, it won’t be too long before we see hedgehogs again.

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