30 Days Wild – Day 20 – Seeds & Flowers

30 Days Wild – Day 20 – Seeds & Flowers

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Today’s the day, I decided, to finally get our wildflower seeds planted.

As well as the 30 Days Wild seeds, I also had another packet that had been languishing on top of our fridge for, judging by the label, about 5 years or so…

Wildflower seed packets

I decided to plant the wildflower seeds in pots. A scrounge around in the garden shed unearthed a couple of suitably large containers.  I also had a pile of little ceramic pots I’d previously earmarked for the charity shop, as I couldn’t see us using them again. But that was before 30 Days Wild!  Now, these little pots were now going to be planted with colourful flowers.

So off to the garden centre I went to pick up some soil and flowers. After a delightful wander about I came away with some blue lobelia, white lobelia, blue viola and some gorgeously fragrant lavender (luckily I remembered the soil!)


Finlay helped me pot up the plants after school. We then put the 30 Days Wild seeds into the barrel container and the other old seeds (which were marked as Scottish wildflowers) into the big silver pot.  Fingers crossed that they grow!

Potted flowers

We had one viola casualty, which lost its roots in the potting process. But it made a lovely table decoration, along with a fallen spring of lavender.

Viola and lavender flower in vase

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