30 Days Wild – Day 2 – Bumblebees

30 Days Wild – Day 2 – Bumblebees

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Day 2 of 30 Days Wild was all about bumblebees. I was keen to capture a photograph of a bumblebee which was no easy task – they are quick little critters! My determination paid off though, and I was delighted to snap this busy bee, complete with brimming pollen basket.

Bee Watering Station

Inspired by the wonderful bee watering stations I’d seen on the 30 Days Wild Facebook Group, Finlay and I set to work to make one for our garden.

We used an old planter saucer, filled it with stones and rocks to give the bees a safe place to perch while they drank, popped in some flowers, then topped it up with water.

Bee watering station

Now if only I could get a picture of some bees drinking from it…

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