30 Days Wild – Day 1 – Garden Birdwatching

30 Days Wild – Day 1 – Garden Birdwatching

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It was blustery and overcast in Edinburgh today for Day 1 of 30 Days Wild.  Such a contrast from yesterday’s blue skies and sunshine.

Our RSPB Bumper bird food gift box arrived yesterday and Finlay and I eagerly filled up the bird feeders, excited to see which birds would be attracted to our garden over the coming weeks.

RSPB bird feed box

Lunchtime today saw me sitting cross-legged on the kitchen table, peering out the window, with iPhone camera at the ready. Finlay is the bird expert in our family, but he was at school, so I had his bird identification book close by to help.

Bird identification book and tea

Over about half-an-hour, I saw blue tits, house sparrows and dunnocks visit the feeder.  Garden warblers, magpies, wood pigeons and seagulls flew overhead or visited the garden as well. I noticed the dunnocks also looking for insects in the grass, and flitting in and out of the hedge. I wonder whether they may have a nest in there?

Blue tit on bird feeder

Looking out the window I also noticed several bumblebees buzzing about the hedge, and particularly around our fuschia plant which is just beginning to flower. I ventured outside to try and capture a photo of a bumblebee but didn’t have any luck. I’ll try again on another (less windy) day…

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