30 Days Wild – Day 15 – The Great British Bee Count

Bee on flower

During June, as well as taking part in 30 Days Wild, I’m also contributing to the Friends of the Earth Great British Bee Count.

Why take part?

As outlined on the Great British Bee Count website, there are several reasons why it’s important to take part:

  1. Bees are in decline
  2. Information about bees is fragmented
  3. Monitoring is essential to reverse bee decline

I’ve downloaded the easy-to-use free Bee Count app to identify and record my local bee sightings. Doing so helps the Friends of the Earth build up an understanding of different species of bees, and ultimately learn how to reverse their decline. Taking part also helps me learn about the different species of bees I’ve spotted.

The Great British Bee Count runs until the 30th of June, so there is still time to take part. You can find out more and download the app at www.foe.co.uk/bee-count

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