30 Days Wild – Day 14 – Exploring the Rocky Shore

The Rocky Shore

For Day 14 of 30 Days Wild, Finlay and I explored our local rocky shore.  We wondered how many different types of living things we could find over the course of 15 minutes.  We came away amazed at all the life we discovered in such a short amount of time.

Finlay with rocks by the shore

Amongst the rocks, we found several types of seaweed, moss, barnacles, limpets, cockles, and periwinkles of all sizes.


We also uncovered lots of tiny scuttling creatures when we overturned the rocks. They were so small and moved so fast I couldn’t work out what they were with my middle-aged eyesight!  Finlay thinks they might be tiny prawns or shrimp, based on the way they were moving. Further investigation is required!

Periwinkles on rock

We both came away from the shore fascinated, but with many more questions than answers. I think it’s time to consider more identification charts from the Field Studies Council!

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