30 Days Wild – Day 12 – The Beauty of Twilight


Even after 10 years of living in Edinburgh, I am still surprised and delighted every year by the length of the summer days, and the beauty of twilight.

Sitting now at my kitchen table, at almost 10 pm at night, I can see clearly outside. The light is dull, but the darkness has yet to descend. When the darkness does come, it won’t last for long. By 4.30 am it will be light again. The longest day is not far off, and then the days will slowly start to get shorter.

To an Australian girl, this is a marvel. I remember hot, humid summer days in Brisbane, where the fall of darkness came as a relief from the blazing sun, and a hope (not always realised) that the temperature would become more comfortable. There was no twilight in Brisbane. It was light, then it was dark.

The long summer days provide so many opportunities for exploring nature.  Days spent camping are leisurely, with so much light, and so much time to enjoy being outside. The summer days are fleeting, and knowing that makes them all the more precious.

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