How to find a (not too wild) place to camp

Find your perfect campsite

Trying to find a campsite can be daunting, and sometimes overwhelming – there are so many options!

While wild camping is permitted in Scotland we’re not at that stage yet (maybe one day!) So the alternative is finding a managed campsite that meets all of our needs.

We’ve discovered some great resources to help us find our perfect pitch in Scotland, throughout the rest of the UK and Europe.  Everyone’s needs are different, and these websites allow you to search by your requirements as well as by location. So you can search for sites that allow campfires, allow pets or have power hookups, for example. These websites also have reviews from other campers, which are useful in helping you find your ideal campsite.


Cool Camping

Pitch Up

The Camping and Caravanning Club


We’ve recently purchased the book Wild Guide Scotland which provides plenty of inspiration and information for future trips.

A great book if you’re looking for child-friendly campsites is Cool Camping Kids. As well as being a directory of fabulous places to camp, there are also sections on camping food, games, and favourite family festivals.

Wild camper or not, if you’re in Scotland it is essential to be aware of the Scottish Outdoor Access Code when spending any time outdoors.

What are your favourite resources for finding campsites?

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  1. We’ve, erhem, wild camped here in England, sshhhhhh, say nothing. And we love it. One of my sons bought me a very useful book about the legalities of wild camping. .. ‘Wild Camping’ by Stephen Neale. Really good.

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